Team Consultants


Team Consultants

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Team Consultants' primary field of work is Information Protection & Business Resilience - but not limited to IPBR only.


Services are also provided in general consultancy, including information technology related works; e.g.

  • User Awareness,
  • Security Analysis,
  • Management Advisory,
  • Risk Management,
  • Sourcing,
  • Due Dilligence,
  • Implementing relevant standards,
  • Infrastructure Solutions,
  • ICT Continuity Management,
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plan and Implementation,
  • All aspects of Business Continuity Management, etc.


Consultants working with Team Consultants have gathered experiences from various sectors, worth naming here are - IT Services, Telecom, Productions, Entertainment, Health and Public Sectors.


Besides Team Consultants has superb expertise in security and controls within mainframe (z/OS).

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